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Knowledge & Skills Transfer

Knowledge & Skills Transfer

Imperial Research & Consultancy has an efficient and well-designed knowledge transfer process where harvesting, making available, and internalizing knowledge occur simultaneously.

Our knowledge transfer framework adopted from Nancy Dixon focuses on the people side of knowledge management as illustrated below;

Now, a new wave of ‘signals’ are becoming available to those who want to improve their employment prospects. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are ubiquitous in both technology and education news.

Being a successful entrepreneur means you have to wear a lot of hats, especially when your company is just starting out and you don’t have enough employees to cover all the areas you need.

Learning the new skills necessary to start a new business can be expensive, but fortunately the initiative for free, high-quality, educational resources online has only continued to grow in the past few years. Below are some of the resources available to learn more about marketing, entrepreneurship, business management and more.